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Welcome to Up In The Clouds the movie. This homepage is  dedicated to informing the public about the up coming independent movie. This is where visitors will see behind the scenes first hand accounts that with the process of producing, directing and searching for our distribution deal.

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Location 3 @BlueFlameLounge ft. @TheRealNikki_Novelty

Music Video Shoot for “In The Air” first song from the film



Location 4 @VLiveAtlata ft. C.R.E.A.M

About OnTourTv Networks

OnTourTv Networks, is a multi-media company that presents artist’s an opportunity the opportunity to showcase their talent on a global scale. I would like to introduce myself and allow my work the opportunity to speak for itself.

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Hello world!

Today marks the presuppose of the beginning of a great movement. We have been welcomed to WordPress and we are never looking back. This is my first post of many more to come!

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I started this company before I wrote my first production and after years of working behind the scenes and began producing my own productions, and now I have created a platform here where others can showcase their talent, and my business found a mission to help promote and discover the talent that has no opportunity to complete their vision in the eyes of the main stream.